Weights are not a real concern as tow vehicle is V8 Landcruiser, even though.

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. Feb 29, 2016 · This Free Group has been created for owners and prospective owners of New Age Caravans.

Apr 29, 2018 · Static caravan ownership.

Hi all, we've narrowed our search for a new 20ft semioffroad caravan to between Crusader and New Age.

View the New Age Caravan product range For a great deal on a New Age Caravan, please contact your local New Age Dealer. Weights are not a real concern as tow vehicle is V8. .

Purchased in Sept 2018 at New Age Caravans Sydney for $60,000.

Welcome to the official social club for New Age Caravan owners. Jayco Adventurer 16. .

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One older one, second hand, and one new back in 2018.

Car Model: Ford Ranger PX.

multi purpose van.

Very happy with Miami Tow Bars (Gold Coast) experience and have set us up to confidently tow our Desert Rose. 2. Feb 11, 2015 · And don’t forget, the Oz Classic S Pack – which is New Age’s best-selling caravan – was also judged Caravan World’s 2013 Best Aussie Van in the $65,000-$80,000 category.

Look on any classifieds website and you’ll be able to inspect a $145,000, 16-foot custom Bushtracker alongside a $75,000, 15-foot Lotus Off-Grid or a $35,000 15-footer from China. Can anyone comment on the pros and cons? We are in favour of the Crusader layout, but the New Age is a lot cheaper and has bigger wheels and brakes. Find this information by opening the exterior access door to the hot water heater service and check the model and serial number located on the right hand side. More details. 8 liter. New Age Sydney did a great job with our van, we are beyond happy with the product, and service provided by New Age Sydney, Colin and myself are so in love with our van, Thank you New Age Sydney.


Share your camping hints, tips and tricks. It is number two in the market, albeit still a long way behind the market leader Jayco, which builds around 10,000 caravans per year.



Weights are not a real concern as tow vehicle is V8 Landcruiser, even though.

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