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OldBen. The Benjamin 347 is a single-shot, multi-pump pneumatic made by the Benjamin Air Rifle Company of St.



The serial number is punched on the side of the breech. 32001. Eligible for FREE.

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177 caliber, Bolt Action, Single Shot Multi-Pump Pneumatic Rifled Barrel. . 175,.

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177 caliber pump air rifle, serial number T287159.

. 340, 342, 347 Year Starting Serial Number Ending Serial Number 1968 T1000 T5529 1969 T5530 T61352 1970 T61353 T90263 1971 T90264 T113966 1972.

and yes, I've been researching the benjamin/sheridan guns for the last two years pretty thoroughly. I ran the serial number on a website and believe it's from the mid 70s.

Dimensions : Overall 34 3/4", length of barrel 18 1/2".
Can you tell me anything about this gun as to approximate value, age, etc.



the gun is truly unfired. 342. .

You really need to know the history regarding an early Benjamin with an unexpected serial applied. 177 caliber with a rifled barrel. The stock has a bunch of scratches as expected but the seals have. . Includes pump cup, link pin, spring pin, Mac1 inlet valve, factory outlet valve, 2 Mac1 valve gaskets This kit will service all years Benjamin multi-pump Rifle before 1978. A masterclass in craftsmanship and design, Benjamin Airguns is honored to bring you its.


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Check out how good the finish still is on metal.

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MISSOURI, CIRCA 1977 A Benjamin Franklin model 347.