If you can find the apprentice in Bonro that is the match for your main, you can get much better armor there at level 14 or level 18.

As a whole, one of the most difficult parts of 7th Saga for me was always the apprentice battles, especially in the late (/mid) game.

Walk right and up to the 3rd chest. AL BAROKAH TAPEN: JALAN PENDIDIKAN RT 01 RW 02: Kalitapen:.



Power 2. 1] ----- There are 3 "spawn" spots in each of 17 towns where you can expect an apprentice to appear. .

attack 4.

In Bone ( chapter 5 ), Esuna won't be given the Remote Control for the Cave of Milto: instead, she'll get free rides on the vessel between Bonro and Pandam. Shopping L. Searth bottom right corner to find Shield Destroyer.

Fighting method: 1. .



. Class: Generic Fighter.

It allows the user to modify data on characters, spells, equipment, monsters, etc. 7) Tavern - The old man will give you the password for the Cave of Laosu if you have Olvan in your party and have talked to his uncle at (5) 8) Search these locations to find Potn 2s.

Anger - 9000.
2) Inn - 10 G per person.
Cour - 5000.

10) Possible apprentice location.

I reset apprentice locations several times, and each time Olvan either attacked me because I had the runes, or snubbed me.

I didn't realize you were at that apprentice fight! I remember it depending on a lot of luck, and some strategy. . And I'll mention this again, since it bears repeating: the apprentice at Patrof's level is FIXED once you reach.

You can purchase better equipment later in the game, but that is the level that they have the best. Wow, awesome post, I haven't played this in years. Valsu was the Patrof traitor, and I’ve had the bad luck to get challenged by Wilme, Lejes, Kamil, and Lux in battles. This run foregoes an infinite stat-boost glitch discovered during the making of the run. .

In fact, let's meet them right now! Name: Kamil Dowonna.

9) Possible apprentice location. Fort - 14200.


I’m playing as Esuna, and Olvan is my current companion.

This program is for editing data tables in a ROM of the Super Nintendo game the 7th Saga to make modifying the game as easy as possible.

Gaining levels will not make the fight any easier.