The audience applauds this man’s accomplishments and success.


When the Eight of Wands is reversed, it means that this person is feeling confused about what they want. .

This card represents a triumphant celebration.


Six of Wands Description. They may look up to you as a role model or be in awe of your accomplishments. If you ask how someone feels about you, the Eight of Wands is an indication that they feel excited by you.

In the Six of Wands tarot card, a man is riding a white.

He has a victory crown on his head. Look for the other cards surrounding the Six of Wands to learn more about what kind of success and what to look out for. Six of Wands Keywords.

. The Six of Wands as a person is a symbol of victory, success, and triumph.

The Three of Wands is the card of confidence, momentum, growth, and future prospects.

For existing relationships, the Page of Wands means that they see you as part of a connection that they want to continue.

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Upright Four of Wands as a Person. .

He is depicted riding a horse through a crowd of.
The seeds you have sown previously will sprout for.
It brings them a deep sense of fulfilment.


The clouds and giant hand evoke God, symbolizing the new opportunity that is being offered to you from up high.

However, their temper is equally as hot. The card shows an injured man clutching a wand. Upright Six of Wands as a Message.

The Lovers tarot card can mean: Upright: Love, union, and marriage. The Page of Wands and the World tarot card as feelings represent a sense of deep connection, home and harmony. The reverse also holds true — through their generosity, someone you consider to be an outsider will help determine the extent of. . The card depicts a hand holding a sprouting wand, extending out from a cloud, offering new opportunities. The number six stands for harmony.


If you ask how someone feels about you, the Eight of Wands is an indication that they feel excited by you. Goal-oriented, a Six of Wands person is organized but unafraid to take risks when need be.

Maybe you received praise and recognition for something you achieved.


Hiding your true feelings.

They have a lot of enthusiasm for their pursuits and are always looking for new opportunities to explore.

There have been misunderstandings with this person before.