It showing a code for low scr pressure and the def tank gauge shows empty.

Check your harness and connections at your sensor. .

requirements are met.

A DEF lamp will notify the driver when the DEF tank level is running low and/or the quality of the DEF in the tank is not meeting specifications.

Park vehicle, and set up a safe exhaust area. International Prostar outbound Nox sensor replacement. All codes went away except for the 3 you mentioned.

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This means that you cannot reset by driving. My faulty sensor said I had empty tank when, in fact, it was 3/4 full. Sep 14, 2021 · If your diesel exhaust fluid level sensor is not functioning as it should, try our quick tips for cleaning to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

This unit is designed specially for protecting the engine and fuel system of the vehicle. .

Notification – Red Stop Engine Light On.


3200, 4100, 4200, 4300, 4400, 7300, 7400, 7500, 7600, 7700, 8500, 8600, MXT, RXT Models Built Oct. Failure to promptly refill or replace DEF in the tank will trigger an inducement sequence, limiting engine torque and, eventually, vehicle speed to 5 mph.

For some units that have a hardwired (analog) diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank level and temperature sensor, Fault Codes 285 and 4572 will become active due to a software parameter defaulted to mulitplexed. .

a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Sensor / Pickup Assembly or Tank Assembly that requires replacement due to 2016 Emissions Standards.

Turn signal problem.

It traps and holds the smallest dirt particles which can clog.

. Browse our great selection and choose from a variety of features and specs. You will need to do a stationary reset.

. . International PROSTAR DEF Sensor for Sale. Not necessarily a defect with the DEF level gauge itself or that the DEF is low. The example used below is a typical DEF tank coolant line routing for a ProStar with an ISX.

2011 International Prostar.

Location of low side ac port on. 2015 Prostar transmission problem Brokehelp posted Apr 14, 2023.

Apr 19, 2019 · DEF gauge and indicator light or LED flashing on the gauge default to "E" is an standard for an active SCR related fault.

A Minimum of $1,400 Saved in Total Cost of Operation.

3200, 4100, 4200, 4300, 4400, 7300, 7400, 7500, 7600, 7700, 8500, 8600, MXT, RXT Models Built Oct.

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